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Lobster Pricing Outlook

Lobster Pricing Outlook

Continued Strong Raw Supply (Late Start) Shore prices have been significantly higher than 2014.Prices of meats are significantly higher than 2014, but Tail prices have remained relatively stable.

  • Lower Competitive Shellfish Prices (i.e. Shrimp & Scallops)
  • Sales of Lobsters to China continue to increase
  • Season started with...
  • Low inventory of Whole frozen (Cooked or Raw), and fewer Popsicles
  • Light inventory on small size tails, good amount of large size tails
  • No Lobster Meats
  • Season currently stands with...
  • High Demand of Whole Frozen Canner Size Lobsters (Cooked & Raw)
  • Maine Season Producing Primarily 4-5oz and 5-6oz Tails
  • High Demand of Lobster Meat Products have Moved Prices to All Time Heights